A&S Toyota Key Master


1. Use the main key to add the other keys:
Connect the programmer to the OBD port of the car, there are some short beep sounds after power on, it enters auto search car status.
Press the start button twice to wake up the anti-theft module. When the connection with the module is done successfully after 7 seconds, there is a long beep 4-5 sounds (4 sounds mean the system is IV K system, 5 sounds mean V CANBUS system). Wait 30 seconds, there are long beep sounds, it means the car enter into add key state.

2. Add smart key:
put the original car key (with the logo side) access to the start button, you should hear two beep sounds. SEC light will flash twice; within 5 seconds, put the key close to the start button, you should hear 2 beep sound, SEC light will flash twice; after learning all the smart key, wait 30 seconds till SEC light begin to flash, and the car will close adaptation mode automatically.

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