Fan Lamp Switch


Main features & selling points:
1.It can be directly connected to WiFi without gateway;
2.Remote control via 3G / 4G on mobile phone anytime, anywhere, just turn on GPRS signal; Crystal tempered glass panel. The thickness of the glass panel, which is more crystal clear and more textured than the ordinary switch panel.
4.LED backlight prompts for easy identification and operation at night;
5.The operation can be bi-directional feedback, that is, the status of the device on, off, stop, etc. will be displayed in real time on the APP application side;
6.Multiple groups of timings can be set according to customer preferences, as well as scene control;
7.Support Smart Life APP, on the APP side, you can choose to share common use control with your family;
8.Use Amazon ECHO series (Alexa APP), Google Home (Google Assistant), and Google nest to work together.

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