Konnwei Xtool Advancer Ad10


 AD10  Advancer  Diagnostic Scanner
XTOOL AD10  Scanner is a newest vehicle  diagnostic tool ed by  company.It can support multi-system and perform all funciton of ,Vgate Icar2, and features with  CR3001, CR319 AD310.

AD10 ELM327 Features:
1.Automatically identify the car, read the car’s error code
2.It supports  / chassis / body / electrical equipment system diagnosis.
3.Covers all the functions of ELM327, Vgate Icar2, and features with  CR3001, CR319 AD310

5.Interpret various common codes in detail to make it easy for car owners to understand car problems.
6.Comes with vehicle performance PK leaderboards, upload to Facebook at any time to share with friends

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