Scratch Remover


Features: 1. Allows you to easily repair automatic scratches in seconds. It is a powerful polishing agent and can actually remove stains-without damaging the paint. 2. Automatic scratch repair mechanism 3. The composite material is designed to restore the original gloss and color. 4. After the gravel sand is degraded, the filler components can be quickly filled 5. Scratches and paint to repair scratches. Easy to cut oxide film 6. The same is true on the surface and stubborn dirt, paint stains, burrs and colors 7. An effective light scratch remover 8. Do not chemically react with car paint. 9. Activate the painted surface of the car. This can repair scratches 10. Suitable for any color car Specification: Material: Surfactant Product size: 15.5 x 3.5 cm Product weight: 28G Product volume: 30 ml Package Included: 1*Repair agent 1*sponge

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