So Techafrica Ir Univerval Remote Control


Universal remote control Only one remote control is needed to control all the infrared devices in the home. It supports 50,000+ IR (only 38KHz IR, no RF) control devices, including air conditioners, TVs, TV boxes, DVDs, audio, personal video recorders, and receivers.

With a large infrared database covering 98% of the infrared remote control function, it can be automatically updated on the cloud.

Temperature and humidity sensorreal-time detection of temperature and humidity in the air

Voice control supportCompatible with Alexa / Echo, Google Home, voice control of TV, set-top box, air conditioner and fan. The device only supports 2.4G WiFi.

Scene linkagecan be linked with other smart devices to complete the scenario linkage

Real-time remote control Infrared equipment can be controlled by mobile phone in real time

Timing remote controlYou can set the timing, and the device can automatically shut down when you are not at home

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