Socket GSM Smart Plug – Universal Socket


The GSM power socket is a remotely controlled power socket that allows you to switch on and off the power supply remotely by SMS. Deter burgles by making it look like you’re at home or take control of heaters, sprinklers, motorized gates, doors, and pet feeders all with a simple message from your phone. Suitable for EU-type plug sockets this GSM smart plug has a universal 3 pin socket that can be controlled remotely from your Smartphone. You can use SMS (Short Message System) commands or locally control this GSM socket by its function buttons, and it’s quick and easy to set up. This will allow you to maintain the illusion of a presence at the home or work even when you miles away just by sending a text message. With set and status buttons you can program the smart socket to only work with designated numbers allowing you to control those who can interact with it. Present a low-cost solution to controlling your home appliance from the busy office or sun-drenched beaches this GSM smart switch keeps you in control at every step. Key Features…

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