Wi-Fi Smart Music LED Strip Lights – 10m


create your magic home cloud account,in order to control your smart light with the amazon echo, add your light and modify the name,make sure there is least one smart light in device list,and enable your lights for control.on “home” long press light to rename, enable alexa skill the next step is to download the amazon alexa app,open the amazon alexa app and under the skills section,search for “magic home”,then account and password must be same as you created in magic home pro pap, login and discover devices ,use your magic home cloud account you created in step 1 to sign in to “Smart life”.the next step is to discover your smart light from alexa app,you can say”alexa,discover devices”,once alexa has completed discovering your smart light,they will be show in the smart home section in alexa app
control your lights,here you finish all setups,you can now control your lights by issuing voice commands.

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