11 In 1 Multifunction Camping Tool

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This new universal multipurpose outdoor camping tool is a Small and portable universal life saving card. ThisMultifunction card could be used in many occasions, its sasy to keep with a cover.Fit for outdoor sport like camping, hiking, driving, picnic and indoor.
A necessity tool for outdoor enthusiasts with following 11 functions: 1. rule, 2. hexagon wrench(4 position wrench), 3. bottle opener, 4. screwdriver, 5. knife, 6. can opener, 7. saw, 8. butterfly wrench, 9. hang hole, 10. hexagon wrench(2 position wrench), 11. angle gauge(Direction auxiliary indication).

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Function introduction


The 1 tin opener: below the hook with the top edge with the use, easy opening cans.
The 2 key: long hollow groove, can buckle screws with various twistany flat thick items.
3 saw: row staggered sawtooth, more power, improve efficiency, only saw wood
Branches, removal The fish is also very good use.
4 key hole card, can be hung on a key ring.
The 5 positioning key: two different models of six arris key, 7 kinds smaller than function.
6 directions: can be accurately measured using scale divided by sixteendifferent directions.
The 7 positioning wrench: four different models of six arris wrench, suitable for daily use bolt and nut size.
The 8 rule: the metric, the minimum scale for mm.
9: open the bottle opener for beer, drink bottle cap.
10 screwdriver: a corner of the map (this location using the mechanical principle to increase the intensity and more labor-saving),
Cutting in the word screwdriver from the scientific point of view, to use elastic type screw.
11 side: the sharpness of the cutting edge, cutting the rope, washing andpeel the fruit is not the problem.
Product specifications: credit card size, with black leather sheath, can prevent edge from hurting itself, and can carry in wallet.
Product overview: the total high-quality stainless steel, excellent workmanship, positive and negative are light and smooth,
No burrs, export products, with drawings, sharp blade, strong steel body, sawtoothis in a thin card with double row staggered tooth.
Once formed, the wholehigh hardness is stainless steel, high strength, sharp edge. Specification of credit card size, with black leather sheath,
Can prevent edge from hurting itself, and can carry in purse.
This little utility life-saving card in the wallet, install one or on a key ringhanging one, whether at home or traveling, fishing, camping,
As always a simple tool, you don’t want to try
2. Allen wrench (4 position wrench)
3. bottle opener
4. screwdriver
6. can opener
7. saw
8. butterfly wrench
9. hang hole
10. Allen key (2 position key)
11. Angle gauge (Direction auxiliary indication)
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