4 in 1 Soil Meter

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The 4-in-1 soil meter instrument of detection of the soil can measure soil moisture, pH value, temperature and intensity of sunlight to the environment via the use of the probe with the length of 200 mm (8 inches). The unit can easily display various readings with LCD of large size. The unit also has the indication for low battery and automatic switch-off function. Energy saving and high efficiency. Ensures quality of flowers and herbs planted and virescence the garden.


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The four-in-one soil analyzer is mainly used to test soil pH, moisture and moisture, temperature and plant light intensity. IT USES a 9V carbon battery with easy operation and a probe length of 200mm.
The instrument displays parameters measured by liquid crystal display.
The instrument also has the function of low power indication and automatic power cut off.
It saves time and energy and is efficient.
This instrument is suitable for planting flowers and grass and landscaping.
Functional features:
1. measure the light intensity of the current environment
2. the moisture content of the soil
3. Measure the temperature of the soil. The temperature: -9 ~ + 50 ° (16 ~ 122 °), (precision: 1 ° / 1 °)
Measure the PH of the soil. PH range: 3.5-9.0
Operating temperature: + 5 ° ~ + 40 °
Size: 340mm * 63mm * 36mm
Probe length: 200mm
Large screen LCD user interface
Temperature metric inch conversion function
Low power alert function
Energy-saving automatic shutdown function, 5 minutes without operation, automatic shutdown
Easy to operate and carry
Power supply: 9 V battery
Install the battery before use and remove the white protective cover from the probe
1. Illumination measurement
A. press the button to turn the instrument on
B. Focused on the highest point light source sensor window.
C. the current light intensity will be displayed on the LCD.
Note: Do not block light or create shadows for light sensors
2. PH range measurement
A. Push the [PH / °] button on the back to the PH position.
B. Insert the probe vertically into the bottom and test as soon as possible.
C. press the [OP] button to start measuring.
D. The PH value of the test will be displayed on the LCD
E. Measure several times to get the exact value needed.
1. Place the probe vertically, at the edge of the center voice.
2. Please push in the bottom to avoid damage to the probe.
3.If the measured soil is too dry or fertile to give an accurate PH, the user can sprinkle water and measure it again half an hour later
3. moisture measurement
A push the [PH / °] button on the back to the ° position
B insert in the bottom as vertical as possible.
C do NOT press a key to start measuring
The soil moisture values ​​are displayed on the LCD screen.
E is measured several times to get the exact value needed.
Temperature measurement
A when measuring humidity, the value of soil temperature is displayed on the LCD screen at the same time.
B. Press the button of [° / ° OFF] to display the humidity display ° or °.
Note: If the user does not insert the probe into the bottom, the correct ambient temperature of the external space is shown.
Soil ph
Soil ph is also called “soil reaction”.
It is an acid-base reaction of a soil solution.
Mainly dependent on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the soil solution, expressed in terms of pH.
A solution with a pH of 7 is neutral;
Acidic reaction occurs when the pH value is less than 7.
A pH greater than 7 is a basic reaction.
Soil acidity can be generally divided into the following grades:
PH value soil pH
<4.5 extremely acidic
4.5 5.5 strongly acidic
5.5 6.5 acid
6.5 7.5 neutral
7.5 8.5 alkalinity
8.5 9.5 strong alkaline
> 9.5 is extremely alkaline
Package included:
1x 4 In 1 Digital PH Meter Soil Moisture Monitor Temperature Sunlight Tester With Blacklight For Gardening Plants Agriculture Acidity Alkali Analysis
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