450LM Solar Power Motion Sensor Outdoor Light with 48 LEDs and 3 Modes

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This 450LM Solar Power Motion Sensor Outdoor Light with 48 LEDs and 3 Modes can illuminate your home, driveway and dark corners of your surroundings. It harnesses the energy from sunlight to charge the inbuilt battery during the day and automatically switches on in the night to light up your surroundings. The inbuilt sensor is triggered when someone or an object come close installed area between 5-6 meters within an angle of 120 degrees. Eco-friendly ABS and PC with good heat dispersion, odour-free and corrosion resistant..\r\nIn dark environment, it automatically on when people comes near at night and off when people leave. Solar-powered with polysilicon solar panels, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, energy saving. High quality LED beads, super bright, no dazzling and strobing, offering a perfect illumination environment. It can conveniently be used to detect intruders and also light up you environment.

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Newest 450LM 48 LED Solar Power Street Light PIR Motion Sensor Lamps Garden Security Lamp Outdoor Street Waterproof Wall Lamps

Specification of 48led:

Lamp power usage: 5.5V 2.5W

Battery: 3.7 V 2000 mAH Lithium
Expected battery time: 6 hours
LED quantity and type: 48×2835 SMD
Rated power: 3.8 W
Lumen: 24 each, 450 total
Colors: 6000 to 6500 K
Mounting hole material: Aluminum
Mounting hole diameter: 38 cm
Solar panel power : 5.5 V 2.5 W
Solar panel conversion rate: 17% efficiency
Solar panel life expectancy: 15 years
Waterproof: IP65

Specifications of 54 LEDs
-Lamp power usage: 5.5V 2.5W
-Battery: 3.7V 2000 mAH Lithium
-Expected battery time: 6 hours
-LED quantity and type: 48×2835 SMD plus 6 pcs on the side
-Rated power: 3.8 W.
-Colors: 6000 to 6500 K.
-Mounting hole material: ABS
-Solar panel power: 5.5V 2.5W
-Solar panel conversion rate: 17% return
-Waterproof: IP65


1. You can press the on / off button to turn it on / off and mode, more convenient to use
2. With three modes for you to choose, no mater you want the sensor mode or the always light on mode, this solar light can meet your requirement
3.You can use the one with pole or without pole, the one with pole can be adjusted angle of installation

48 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0148 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0248 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0348 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0448 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0548 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0648 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0748 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0848 灯 -VS-52 灯 _0948 灯 -VS-52 灯 _1048 V -VS-52 灯 _1148 灯 -VS-52 灯 _1248 灯 -VS-52 灯 _1348 灯 -VS-52 灯 _1448 灯 -VS-52 灯 _1548 灯 -VS-52 灯 _16

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