Remote UTC Controller for AHD TVI CVI Analog Cameras With OSD Function

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  • This UTC controller has been upgraded to 3rd Generation. Now, it can support both AHD/TVI/CVI analog HD cameras and CVBS regular analog cameras.
  • Please ensure your camera is UTC control supported
  • Please ensure your camera supports AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS signal switch if you need to use the switch function. Operate the UTC controller under AHD mode.
  • Please ensure your camera comes with OSD menu. Camera with OSD cable DOES NOT mean the camera supports UTC control. They are different.
  • AHD (or TVI/CVI) cameras can’t display directly to monitor, and must work with AHD (or TVI/CVI) supported DVR to get images.

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Product description
* Well tested / supported RJ103 or MS7632M receiver, other RX chips don’t test, welcome ask before order.
* This UTC controller ONLY support AHD-H (1080p), AHD-M (720p) and CVBS (AHD camera setup to CVBS mode).
* This UTC controller DOES NOT WORK on 3MP / 4MP / 5MP AHD signals OR other signal types, welcome inquiries before order.
* TVI / CVI or others signals DO NOT work, welcome inquiries before ordering.
* Sony Effio CCD camera NOT work well with this controller, UP key not work, other keys are ok / function well.
* The camera module must work UTC RX circuit / chip with this unit, otherwise it will NOT work at all.
* ONLY work well with PAL signal system (AHD-H / AHD-M / CVBS).
* NOT sutiable for NTSC signal system (partial work OR completely NOT work).
Packing List / Item Included
1 pcs UTC remote control (without battery)
*** No battery or can be removed by shipping company ***
s-l1600 (6)s-l1600 (5)s-l1600 (4)s-l1600 (2)


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