80M Laser Distance Rangefinder Meter with Camera and Point Finder for Outdoor Operation

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This is a very well built, versatile, accurate and labor intensive digital laser distance meter.

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This is a very well built, versatile, accurate and labor intensive digital laser distance meter. It greatly improves speed and accuracy, makes field work easy, mindless and more accuracy. The measuring origin can be set to the front, back or middle. Simple measuring is very easy: just press the MEAS key once to turn on the laser; point it to where you want to measure and press the MEAS key again. The distance can be displayed in inches/feet (both decimal and fractional) or meters. You can cycle through the various units by pressing the UNIT key.Other options include area, cubic volume, indirect measurement, the ability to add/subtract measurements…etc.The meter has Large TFT LCD 4 lines Display, digital Level, Camera, USB Connection, Self Calibration function, Area & Volume Addition/Subtraction, Straking-out.Hightlights: Easy targeting with bright laser pointer, a labor intensive distance measurer makes field work easy, mindless & accurate. Ideal for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, etc.Double injection enables durable and well build, non-slip rubber-like material around the edge enables a solid grip and the buttons respond nicely.Wide measuring range from 0.05 to 120m, High accurate measuring +/-2mm,Multi unit selection of meter, inch and feet; Digital level, Large TFT LCD Display, Digital Level, USB Connection.Multi Measurement Modes: Single-distance Measurement, Continuous Measurement, Area & Volume Measurement, Area & Volume Addition/Subtraction, Indirect Pythagoras Measurement 2 year warranty, supports data hold and data clear function, Supports data store/recall function, IP54 protection Auto/Manual power off”,


80m Laser Distance Rangefinder Meter With Camera And Point Finder For Outdoor Operation






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