Automobile Ignition Tester Instrument Detector Coil Diagnostic Tool

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Strict control to ensure good quality. High quality and meticulous work, a good choice for you. Quickly diagnose ignition system problems, lack or no spark condition. Easily test ignition circuit continuity at each cylinder. Connects between the plug and the plug wire. Perfect for trouble shooting all internal combustion engines.


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NAME:Automotive spark plug tester
Material: aluminium
Color: Black
Must-have diagnostic tool for any engine with a spark plug
When engine won’t start, gives instant answer to ‘does it have spark?’
Simple to use – just remove rubber boot from spark plug, insert tester & place tester boot on plug
Turn the engine over – if ignition is being sent to the cylinder, light in tester glows
Great time and frustration-saver with cars, motorcycles, boats, chainsaws, lawn mowers & more
Test method:
1.Turn off the engine and disassemble the spark plug coil
2.Connect the black tip of the tester to the spark plug
3.connect the metal end of the tester to the spark plug coil
4.start the engine
5.If the ignition wire is intact, the indicator light flashes

Package includes:
1 x Fool-proof Engine Ignition Spark Tester

Weight 1 kg


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