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Newest Generation CK-100 Auto Key Programmer V99.99 SBB have much more function than SBB key programmer.

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Newest Generation CK-100 Auto Key Programmer V99.99 SBB have much more function than SBB key programmer.

Top 6 Reasons to Get CK-100:

Latest Version: V99.99. It is a new generation of the SBB Key Programmer, the replaced version.

2. Multi-Language: English / Italian / Dutch / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Turkish

3. Increase many more functions and features, and cheaper than SK117.

4. alternative to function and function of the SBB V33.02.

Contains 1024 tokens.

6. more powerful and functional.


1. Can’t Update

2.If CK100 fails to adapt key during programming, then disconnect OBD16 adapter and auto, reconnect after 10 seconds, otherwise vehicle immo system may be damaged, CK-100 key programmer will be locked too.

How to use CK100 auto key programmer:

First, prepare two keys, one key can start the engine, another cannot (blank key) and

Connected cable to the device.

Second, Connected obd2tuning CK100 auto key programmer v45.6 device into the OBD socket.

Next, enabled obd2tuning CK 100 pin code device.

Next was selecting car model according to obd2tuning V45.6 CK100 instructions.

Then, Inserted a key and turned the console.

Turned on ignition then removed the key.

After that, allowed to have an empty new key while left ignition off.

Wait for 45 seconds (max 60 seconds) until the security access procedure was completed.

Finally, blank key has been saved. Tried the second key and the engine can be started by the end.

Real case: CK100 Key Programmer for VW Transporter key

CK-100 Key Programmer Reviews:

1. by Zio Jay: I ma car tech / smog tech & locksmith. here my two cents on this product.

Pros: Started right up. Easy to use. Yes, newer cars do. Some cars need a PIN number “sometimes” to get the key. Excellent upgrade from my old SBB.

Disadvantages: Programs “limited” amount of vehicles. His got built-in tokens. Once it runs out of tokens, it’s going to be a paperweight.

For the price, worth buying. This tool has already paid for itself.

2. by Shawn: Worked for me as far as I have programmed a 2005 FOR Ford F-150 and a 2005 FOR Mazda 6. initially I couldn’t program the f150, every time I would go though the ten minute security wait it would say no loaded key. So I made sure all the code was cleared and used the clear all important function instead of the add key function. After the 10 minute wait period will say all keys cleared then it will go into programming mode. Place the 1st key programmed to wait 5 second then the next and so on. Note if you already had a key programmed use the one that was previously programmed 1st than the others. On the FOR Mazda I replace the PCM and simply the joint uses an important function. Came with 1024 tokens only used one so far with the erase function with the FOR ford. From what I understand if you add the key function on the ford it uses 8 tokens per key.

CK-100 V99.99 FAQ:

Q: Can I do CK-100 V99.99 for Toyota G chip and Ford?

A: Yes, you can do for Toyota G chip with it. And you need to do pin code for Ford.

Q: Dose it support French?

A: Yes! CK-100 Key Programmer V99.99 supports 7 languages ​​for your need including English, Italian, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.

Q: What is the difference between CK-100 key programmer V99.99 and CK-100 V45.02?

A: both have the same functions. But the version is different. CK-100 V99.99 is newer and cheaper than CK-100 V45.02

Packing List:

1pc x CK100 V99.99 Main unit

1pc x USB cable

1pc x Power supply

1pc x Packaging Box

CK-100 Key Programmer Auto List:

Real Photo Show CK100 V46.02:



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Real Photo Show CK100 V99.99:

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