Cup Grain Moisture Meter LDS-1G

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  • * Able to measure grains up to 20 species.
  • * The cup type measurement causes small error.
  • * Wide measuring range.

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Product Description

Fast, accurate and convenient

Both AC-DC power supply

LCD with white backlight, clear and bright

Multi-point calibration, error correction

Low power consumption, automatic power off, energy saving, energy-saving

Automatic weighing and temperature compensation

Translated density display, moisture mean value calculation


The main technical indicators

Measurement object: food and other non-metallic granular samples, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, rapeseed, etc.;

Measurement error: ≤ ±0.5% (main moisture range)                            Repeat error: ≤ 0.2%

Measurement range :3-35%                                                                          Measurement time: ≤ 10S

Working environment temperature :0-40 ℃                                                                 Weight: 790g

Power: Four AA alkaline batteries or external 6V DC power supply

Display: Backlit LCD highlighted

Subsidiary functions: Volume translated display, sample weight display, temperature display, mean moisture value calculation.

Complete accessories: external AC power adapter, cleaning brush, manual, filling tube, funnel, calibration weights each;


Category Code Table for Preset Instrument Calibration Parameters

Category Name Category Code Category Name Category Code Category Name Category Code
Japonica rice P1 Large corn P9 Soybean meal P17
Soybean P2 White wheat P10 Cottonseed meal P18
Wheat P3 Peanut kernel P11 Rapeseed meal P19
Rapeseed P4 Sorghum P12 Pellet feed P20
Corn P5 Black sesame P13 P21
Barley P6 Sunflower seed P14 P22
Indica rice P7 Watermelon seed P15 P23
Rice P8 Cottonseed P16 P24

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