ECO OBD2 Car Fuel Saver

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This Eco OBD2 can help your car to save fuel consumption and it is easy to use. It works based OBD2 protocols as remapping the Car’s computer ECU. After driving 200 km road total, Eco OBD2 adjusts itself to the car, according to the drivers’ habits and always keeps remapping the ECU to save fuel lower and immission

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  • Improve your car’s performance! Up to 35% full savings!
  • Eco-OBD2 Fuel saver is a Chip Tuning Box which can be plugged into OBD2 connector of your car to decrease the fuel consumption of your car.
  • It’s equipped with the engine protection function and 100% safe for your car engine.
  • Eco OBD2 is a plug & drive ready device to improve the car’s fuel performance up to 35% and saves 15% – 30% Fuel.
  • It works based on OBD2 protocols as remapping the car’s computer ECU. After driving 200 km, Eco OBD2 adjusts itself to the car, according to the driver’s habits and always keeps remapping the ECU to improve the car’s fuel performance.
  • With the received data from ECU, Eco OBD2 adjusts the boost pressure, the quantity of fuel, injection timing and pressure to increase the car’s fuel performance.
  • Eco OBD2 does not exceed the manufacturer requirements – it works only within the tolerance of the engine. It does not damage the engine or ECU and will not cause any negative effects to the car factory setting.
  • Eco OBD2 does not change any of the settings permanently – to turn back to the car’s original settings, just unplug Eco OBD2 from the OBD2 connector.
  • The main difference between EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box and Remapping tuning methods is that EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box is easily removable, and after unplug you go back to the factory settings.
  • EcoOBD2 is a cheap and safe type of tuning. Remapping is a permanent change to your car.
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