Vehicle Communication Scanner (VCS) V1.5 Diagnostic Tool

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Support comprehensive diagnosis and reading of control modules.
Successful diagnostics means proper detection of all ECMs.
With dealer-level capability and the widest vehicle range, the Vehicle Communication Scanner VCS interface will put your team in the driver’s seat and your business on the road to success.

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VCS Vehicle communication Scanner Specification

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VCS communication Scanner Feature:
Support comprehensive diagnosis and reading control modules.
Successful diagnostics means correct detection of all ECMs.
With dealer power and the widest vehicle range, the Vehicle Communication Scanner VCS interface will put your team in the driver’s seat and your business on the road to success.

VCS Communication Scanner Specification:
Power Supply: 8-12VDC, 110-250VAC, 50 HzConnection: Wireless or USB
Minimum PC System Requirements (Not Included):
Windows XP
CPU 300MHz
1GB Hard Disk Memory
CD Drive
Operating Temperature: 10-176oF (-10-80oC
Humidity: <90%
Dimensions: 20 “X 14” X 6 “
Weight: 17.6 lbs

VCS Communication Scanner Highlights
Works with Over 40 brands, 1,000 vehicles system, including CANBUS systems
Access to Powertrain, Chassis and Body systems
One click “Quick Test” button to scan all ECUs
Live data display with waveform displays
Component level and System-level activations
Reset and clear adjustments, calibrations and service functions
Hyundai and VW / Audi immobilizer special functions
ECU initialization and coding
SAE J2534 “Pass-thru” ECU reprogramming
Nissan / Infiniti idle speed self-learning function
Frequent Internet software updates
Multi-language for international market demand
“PC link” functions for PC operations



VCS Communication Scanner Advantage:
Free to test cars within 50-100m
(Distance depending on the environment; above distance is just for reference.)



VCS communication Scanner functions:
Read and Erase Diagnostics Fault Codes
VCS easily read & clear vehicle specific manufacturer information specific codes, factory codes, and generic trouble codes on a given electrical circuit. Our advice: don’t forget to print it out in real time.


Quick Test & Quick Delete (select software)
The Quick Test function allows you to quickly identify all systems in the vehicle, identify controllers with errors and provides direct access to these systems without having to navigate through multiple menus. Our advice: don’t forget to print it out in real time.


Read Live Data
Error Codes & Live Data is the basics of electronic diagnostics. Experience high-speed response of 8-10 frames per second w / real-time troubleshooting of up to 4 charts. Diagnose signals for rich or lean conditions with live data retrieval and viewing modules in digital and analog format. Our advice: don’t forget to print it out in real time.


Component & System level sprays test
Perform verification tests to check the functionality of a particular electrical circuit. This feature will bypass time consuming labor to finish electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays, and actuators. Use the VCS to operate control modules and some replacement needs without removing panels and testing without the use of a multimeter. (eg cylinder power balance test, EVAP system leak, EGR valve, electromagnets, power windows, winshield wiper activation, etc.)



VCS communication Scanner Functions:


Service Resets & Initialization:
When components (eg injectors, switches, air flow sensor, cooling temp sensor, etc.) are replaced within a module, a vehicle will run very rough. Initialization immediately re-adjusts all values ​​so that the components will be recognized by the vehicle system. (eg to the service indicator for the vehicle such as “oil service”, “service reminder light”, “steering angle sensor *”, etc.)


Vehicle Adjustment:
Vehicle Communication Scanner VCS is able to adjust performance parameters. (eg idle RPM, idle speed adjustment, ignition timing, vehicle w / immobilizer, fuel synchronization kit, throttle-body relearn, DME Alignment, etc.)

Other Functions:
Self-learning Function
Create a personalized database system to record ideal conditions from actual values ​​in the vehicle system.


Record 160 Frames from Live Data
Record a real-time data stream of up to 160 frames during a drive cycle. More complicated diagnosis of an intermittent problem will require the use of this feature to evaluate data flow during a controlled driving cycle




7, packing list_

VCS communication Scanner Package including:
1 pc x VCS main unit
1 pc x OBD2 cable
1 pc x USB cable
1 pc x CD





NO Bluetooth:









With Blueotooth:





Weight 1 kg


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