a step by step training on how to start a Profitable Home Automation Business in Nigeria.

a Great Business Opportunity plus a life changing career

A Practical oriented training on Smart home Automation, installation and management Designed for individuals interested in stating a profitable Home Automation business.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is increasing at an alarming rate. The present Covid19 pandemic has made the situation even worst. Over 25 million people are unemployed in Nigeria, without a means of livelihood. Lots of workers have been laid-off their jobs due to the pandemic. Government interventions isn’t sufficient for any meaningful impact to be felt. The University Degree is not a Guarantee these days to provide graduate with a means of livelihood. Thus the need to create an Additional Stream of Income. You can make over ₦270,000 monthly by starting your own Smart Home Automation Business.


Our Training Program are aimed at providing relevant technical and sales skills along side knowledge to Information Technology, Home Automation and Smart Home Integration, support and sell our range of products, solution and services. Our approach to learning is Top-Notch, experiential and driven by real life industry scenarios tailored to our environment to ensure at least 75% knowledge retention at the end of the Online and Offline training Period.

Home Automation Training

Smart Homes Automation is one of the fastest growing industry ranging in different security sectors. A smart home can be as simple as a house with surveillance cameras that sends alerts to the home owner when an intruder is detected or as sophisticated as a fully integrated system that allows you control your entire home audio, video, surveillance, security, communication, gates, door locks, etc from simple interface.  Our home automation training is focused on helping trainees understand how these otherwise independent solutions can be fused together into one system such that the home owner can interact with his home electronics and gadgets from one interface while creating different scenarios or conditions for disparate systems to work together. For example, when a door bell is pressed, your music system can get paused so the bell rings through the speakers in designated parts of the house. Another scenario could be using geofencing technology, your home system can detect you’re 10 minutes away from home; and can start cooling your bedroom to your preferred temperature. The same system uses facial recognition technology to detect your presence at the gate and sends instructions to the gate control to open the gate.
In this training we would demonstrate how some of these scenarios can be accomplished, beginning with an extensive product knowledge i.e Online training session.

WHO IS IT FOR? Our home automation and smart home trainings are targeted at system integrators who specialize in deploying smart home solutions for residential and office spaces. It is also targeted at audio distribution professionals, video distribution professionals, surveillance professionals and security professionals who wish to increase their product and solution values by learning to deploy and work with integrated systems. Your Potential clients are everywhere around you, from church members, neighbours, friends, companies etc. The list are endless, once people get to know you are in this line of business, you will have more patronage. Lots of people have taken advantage of our Training and have been buying more trackers from us after their first installation, thus making cool cash in the process.

Learn home automation, marketing and installations and earn huge revenue opportunities


  • The Fundamental of Smart Home Automation.
  • How to control Home Automation devices remotely and with voice.
  • Buying and Selling Smart Home Automation devices.
  • How to install Smart Home Automation devices and Programming. 
  • How to quote for Smart Home Automation Project.
  • How to start Smart Home Automation Business.

Smart Home Automation Categories

  • Lighting Automation.
  • Safety and security.
  • Smart Curtain installation and programming.
  • Smart blind automation and programming. 
  • Entertainment (Audio & Video).

a Great Business Opportunity plus a life changing career and Earn huge revenue opportunity



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